The client, an established carpenter contractor for the esteemed architecture firms in Mumbai had procured a farm overlooking the Wada river. The contours layered a design that vocalized the solidity of a project built on the foundations of hard work and perseverance. The design had to determine an inextricable link between the vernacularism of a conservative family heritage and the modernism that propelled one into the future. Working our way through the natural contours, the lower level was solely for entertainment, complete with a games zone, home theatre and indoor pool. The entry level on the ground floor, housed 4 bedrooms, the family living and dining. The first floor was exclusively the Master suite, which was elevated to view the length of the river.



The entrance into the living space was built parallel to the river flowing, to have the magnificence of nature serenade the interiors. The double height space was finished with a wooden ceiling that had an impressionable chandelier drop low, to light the space below. The deep verandas and low eaves kept the scorching glares at bay while the bedrooms had picture windows made to frame the sunset. Indirect lighting was a language maintained in the interiors while the exteriors had the soffits lit in warm tones too. The light free-floating stairway was naturally lit with a wide expanse of glass that had the hills of Wada as its backdrop.



All the rooms open to wide decks for the inhabitants to take in the tranquillity of the farm’s refreshing atmosphere. The landscape was designed to accommodate large social gatherings with a green ground cover that added vigour to the neutrality of the architecture. The immediate land that surrounded the farm was spruced with variegated plants, perennial flowers and a badminton court. A small jetty projected into the river, to opportune the inhabitants with the soothing sounds of the flowing water.