The site was located on a hill in Deolali, for the daughters of a marble dealer in Mumbai. The bungalows for each daughter was made identical architecturally, while, the interiors reflected an individual taste. Taking cue from the contours, the residents and their guests suggestively entered on the Ground floor, to an upper garden that connected both the residences to their respective family rooms and a Master suite reserved for the parents. A staircase became the feature element that led to the lower level, which had a large party hall made below the upper garden, which could also be directly accessed by the Guest Bedrooms. The Upper level had a Master suite for each of the married daughter and bedrooms for their children.



Studies have proved that artificial light decreases the levels of Melatonin, a hormone that controls our circadian rhythms, while, natural light increases the happiness chemical, Serotonin. The natural light that floods through the internal spaces of a home, revitalizes with an uplifting energy. The landscaped light courts that are interspersed within the architectural massing, illuminates the interiors with the enduring positivity of a natural hue. Viewing deck that absorbs the captivating view of the valley below, brings in minimal glare within.



Our affinity towards nature is genetic and deep rooted in evolution. A visual contact with nature through the wide viewing decks that look beyond the sky and across the valley is therapeutic. The light courts that were landscaped with indigenous plants, invited the song of birds throughout the day. Plants like Queen of the night and the Rangoon creeper were planted near the bedrooms, to infuse the still air with a refreshing fragrance.